About COVID 19

Marti Resort   and   Orama of Marti

All our team has been vacinated.
We make antigen tests every week by shedule to all our team.

All tests results and vacination sertificates are available for our guests !

Update on health & safety practices and changes to Marti Resort Hotel cancellation policy due to new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)


Health & safety measures

         In the 3 years of Marti Resort operation, our priority is the safety of our customers, partners and our team.

We would like to inform you that the management of Marti Resort has prepared a Crisis Management Plan to limit the spread of Coronavirus, and protect our team, our partners, and our guests.Our team consists of few and specific people, properly trained, fully equipped.

More specifically we are proceeding to the following measures:

  • Adoption of prevention and protection directives (based on the World Health Organization and the Greek Ministry of Health). 
  • Disinfection of the restaurant, beach, bar facilities after every use.
  • Every room is equipped with destifection dispensary and personal kit for self protection( gloves & mask). 
  • Meticulous cleaning and disinfection of rooms with chlorine solution and ethanol solution. Special care for small objects (knobs, taps, remote controls, etc.).
  • Provision of consumables on reception and bar 24/7 (antibacterial hand sanitizers, masks, disposable gloves, etc.)
  • Disinfection  4-times a day of all hotel, beach & all common areas.
  • Develop a plan for action in the event of a coronavirus incident
  • Change of the cancellation policy (see below)
  • Breakfast & Dinner are optional. Served into the room, at no extra cost.
  • Collaboration with a doctor.
  • Realizing that we are going through a period of intense uncertainty, please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

Change of the cancellation policy

We have adapted our cancellation policy to offer you more flexible options in your bookings:

Now you can make your booking on our Flexible rate and cancel free of charge 14 days before your arrival.



Beginning July 1, 2020, the Greek government has determined how the country will welcome travellers, carry out the necessary diagnostic screening and keep everyone safe throughout the season.

The Passenger Locator Form (PLF) is a key element in the planning. All travellers are obliged to complete their PLF at least 1day before entering the country, providing detailed information on their point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of your stay while in Greece.

PLF form must be completed for all visitors, not matter of the age.

FULL FORM HERE- https://travel.gov.gr/#/

10 Reasons to Visit Marti Resort Thassos this summer

1.       Thasos is COVID 19 – FREE AREA.

There isn’t registered case with virus COVID 19 on Thassos and Keramoti Area. The area of Skala Sotiras and Skala Kallirachi is the most quite zone of the island – only with small hotels, guest houses and not so over-build like the crowded south and north touristic zones. Local people follows very strictly all the safety instructions. It is safety for you as tourists, but let’s keeps it safety for the local people, too.

2.       All shared areas in Marti Resort are open air.

In the pandemic situation, when the safety is first priority, we are happy, that Marti is low-risk property because we don’t have shared covered corridors, we don’t have shared air conditioned areas, restaurant and bar are out of the buildings with the rooms, and have a large terrace with pergola for shadow and fresh air under the olive and palm trees.

3.       Marti Resort is far from the crowded towns,

shopping streets with full with people who breath on your sholder and your face. In Marti Resort you can keep your privacy and safety and you can make your decision – to visit them or not. Limenas, Potos, Limenaria are the best places for night life, but sometimes it’s too much. Moreover –everybody touch everything and is difficult to disinfect all around especially in pick-time evenings.

4.       Marti Resort has 5000m2 garden,

with enough space for all who want to spend a relaxing day, or to play games with the kids, or may be just to listen the birds around. We have over 5 000m2 garden for you. Here you can keep your privacy and it is safety for all your family.

5.       Marti Beach is small but cozy

Far from the crowded public beaches, in our private area we disinfect after every guest. Each umbrella has 20m2 area for your safety. We renew the area, and you will find it more comfortable than before – with better sand, without stones on the beach and in the water, with more space for you to enjoy the summer. We disinfect 2 times daily all the sunbeds, umbrellas and all beach tools for all sea-lovers.

6.       No more stones in the sea on the beach.

We made a walking area inside he water and now is more comfortable to step.. Or you can leave your kids to play in this safety zone. It is Perfect for small and big kids.

7.       Marti’s Healthy corner for breakfast

We know how important the healthy way of living is. And the most important is the good healthy start of the day. That’s why from this season we will start with a corner for breakfast – raw nuts, more super foods, more fruits, paleo and keto – meals – more proteins and good taste of all.  We have many ideas how you you’re your stomach happy.

8.       Buffet or menu meals? – You can choose your meals – buffet or service.

On your arrival you can choose if you want served meals for breakfast and dinner, or you prefer to join the buffet. Buffet will not be any more self-service – it will be controlled by the cook and under a glass following all pandemic safety instructions. So you can see the dishes and you can choose.

9.       New menu a-la-cart- chef Asen from summer 2018 is back in our team.

Yuppeee… At the last 3 months he spent his time at home cooking – preparing a special new menu with best taste and vision. We will have the traditional Greek fresh fishes and cooked dishes, as well as some favorite international evergreen-s. He makes the best Greek mousaka and his special calamari. This summer we will have also pizza with special Italian This season we will have also and delivery service for all the villages in the west part of the island – Rachoni, Pachis, Prinos, Sotiras, Kallirachis, Maries and all around.

10.   Marti Resort is disinfected 2 times daily.

Desinfection with certificated substances and self-disinfection dispensers are available on 3 locations – hotel main entrance, bar area, beach entrance. This summer our team has one more person especially to make disinfections by schedule and help for a better quality of housekeeping, bar & restaurant services.